Endorsed by the Texas Grassroots


Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller
Dr. Robin Armstrong, Texas Republican Party National Committeeman RPT Chairman Matt Rinaldi
Former RPT Chairman, James Dickey
Former RPT Vice Chairman, Alma Jackson
Railroad Commissioner Wayne Christian
Former State Rep. Jason Isaac
HD 19 Republican Nominee, Ellen Troxclair
HD 73 Republican Nominee, Carrie Isaac
Col. Phil Waldron (Ret.)
Dr. Pete Leininger
Former SBOE Member, Ken Mercer
SBOE candidate, Lani Popp
2022 RPT Platform Committee Chair, SREC SD 16 Committeeman, Matthew Patrick
SREC SD 4 Committeeman, Walter West, (Ret.)
SREC SD 7 Committeewoman, Deborah Kelting Fite
Former SREC SD 25 Committeeman, Jeff Judson
Comal County GOP Chairwoman, Sue Piner
Kendall County GOP Chairman, Scott Kramer
Blanco County GOP Chairwoman, Carlette Lewis
Travis County GOP Chairman, Matt Mackowiak
Bexar County GOP Chairman-elect Jeff McManus
Former Hays County GOP Chairman Mike Cox
Bulverde Spring Branch Conservative Republicans (BSBCR) (250 members)
President of BSBCR, Kaci Sisk
Blanco County Republican Party Precinct Chair, Debra DuPont
Kendall County Grassroots Activist, Anne Newman
Comal County Grassroots Activist, Lisa Roper
Comal County Grassroots Activist, Sharon Hall Monge
Bexar County Grassroots Activist, Lori Hagee
San Antonio Family Association
Conservatives in Action, Sonja Harris
Founder of Wimberley Area Republicans, Tracey Dean
Clash Ministries Founder & Pastor, Doug Giles (Hays Co.)
Comal County Grassroots Activists, Ken and Mary Dockery
Comal County Sheriff Mark Reynolds

Four Winds Bible Church Pastor Kurt Hudspeth (Bexar County)
Guadalupe County Activist Mike Deffendall
33 of 34 Comal County Precinct Chairs

The Honorable Quico Canseco, former U. S. Representative, Texas 23rd Congressional District

George Rodriguez, radio host/producer, writer, Bexar County Grassroots Activist

Comal County Young Republicans

Diane Zornow, Vice President, BSBCR

Donald Vormelker, Campaign Activities, BSBCR

Robert Phillips, Membership, BSBCR

Kathy Phillips, Local Government Participation Committee Chair, BSBCR

Linda Bartle, Chaplain, BSBCR

Fran Carlson, BSBCR Literacy Committee Chair

Joe Leatherwood, Bexar County Conservatives Caucus Chair

John Austin, Bexar County Republican Party (Current) Chairman

Charlie Motz, Comal County Constable Precinct 1