Welcome to Senatorial District 25

UPDATE: Senate District 25 Delegates to the 2022 Convention overwhelmingly elected Chris Byrd as the State Republican Executive Committeeman for SD25 — with 73% of the vote!

Dear Friends,

In preparation for our RPT convention, I am reaching out to you as your incumbent SD 25 SREC Committeeman. After Mark Dorazio announced his resignation from the SREC to run for HD 122 in the Texas Legislature, I was overwhelmingly elected by the remaining members on Feb. 7, 2022 to fill Mark’s unexpired term.

Speaking of – Congratulations to Mark on his successful runoff victory as well as two other dynamic conservative leaders, Ellen Troxclair (HD 19) and Carrie Isaac (HD 73), who also won their recent runoff elections and whose districts overlap with SD 25.

Since being elected, I have enjoyed visiting over 30 clubs in SD 25 including TFRW clubs, grassroots groups, Republican and Tea Party clubs in all seven counties of SD 25. I’m excited to see many of you again and everyone at the upcoming RPT Convention in Houston from June 16 – 18th (or earlier if you’re serving on a committee). For information about the convention, click here.

I believe people do what is important to them. Throughout my career, my priority has been to fight for the constitutional rights and liberties of all Texans including two constitutional Texas Supreme Court victories. Nearly ten years ago I began working as Texas Counsel for the Center for Security Policy and served as the lead attorney in supporting American Laws for American Courts to prevent any foreign law (including Sharia) which violates our fundamental constitutional rights, from being enforced in Texas’ courts. I have been honored to speak in over 75 engagements across Texas on topics such as Sharia, Sharia and Women, The American Covenant, Reflections on Political Christianity, the Constitution, Scripture and the RPT Principles, among other liberty topics.

In addition to my SREC duties, I currently spend time on two initiatives with Col. Phil Waldron, (Ret), one being a private sector response to the slave/sex trade in Texas and the other concerning voter fraud and election integrity. I continue to work with the Center for Security Policy on issues such as securing our southern border and our power grid. I enjoy sponsoring and leading an ongoing Constitution Day event where select lawyers and judges present to thousands of high school students lessons on the constitution who receive pocket constitutions. Additionally, I have served as counsel for the Truth in Textbooks Coalition, fighting back on liberals who want to indoctrinate our children. I am also fighting for the Right to Life by working on the Texas Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn initiative.

Finally, I have served as an active precinct chair in Comal County over the last six years and I have made every effort to help elect conservative candidates by fundraising, door knocking, making calls, and hosting events. I have also been an elected delegate for the previous three RPT conventions and a National Convention Delegate, nominated by Mark Dorazio, in 2020.

I am humbled and honored to serve as your grassroots representative on our SREC. At the state convention, delegates from each senate district will elect their representatives to the SREC, and I hope to be able to continue to serve as your SD 25 Committeeman. I welcome your questions and look forward to continuing to work shoulder-to-shoulder with you to Keep Texas Red this November! In that effort, I pledge to be available and present on a continuing basis going forward to serve you as your Committeeman and do everything I can to ensure our elected officials are adhering to the RPT platform. For helpful resources and to learn more about me and Senate District 25, visit TXSD25.com. In Liberty,
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