Professional Experience:

National Bank Examiner, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, US Treasury;

Judge, Amarillo Municipal Court of Record;

Risk Manager, Ultramar Diamond Shamrock;

Oil and Gas Producer, Sunoco Unit (25 years and current);

Trial Attorney (37 years and current) having represented the prevailing party in three Supreme Court cases, two of which secured constitutional rights;

Texas Counsel for the Center for Public Policy (8 years and current).

SREC Committeeman for Texas SD25

I am happy to announce that I was appointed as the Vice Chair for the Resolutions Committee and well as a member of the Legislative Priorities Committee. Additionally I have been chosen to serve as the Chair for the SREC Legislative Priorities Sub-Committee on Gun Rights.

On February 12, 2022 the members of the State Republican Executive Committee elected SD 25 resident Chris Byrd to represent the Republican voters of SD 25 at the state party until the state convention in Houston on June 16-18th. At the state convention the delegates from SD 25 will again elect their Committeewoman and Committeeman to serve on the SREC. Chris Byrd re-election to continue to serve in this office.

In His Own Words:

“I believe people do what is important to them. Currently, I am spending a great deal of time on two initiatives with Col. Phil Waldron, (Ret.), one being a private sector response to the evil slave/sex trade here in Texas and the other concerning election integrity, both also involve Walter West, (Ret). The RPT has previously budgeted funds for an ongoing Constitution Day project I began a few years ago where we coordinate lawyers and judges to present to thousands of high school students lessons on the Constitution and give out pocket Constitutions. I am an active precinct chair in Comal County (6 years) and an elected delegate for the last three state conventions as well as a National Convention Delegate, alternate (nominated by Mark Dorazio) in 2020.  

As a Sophomore at Amarillo High, I challenged the AISD over discrimination against female student athletes, with what later won the Best Editorial of the Year, which forced the AISD to revise their budget and implement equality for female sports. While in law school, Texas Tech published my dissertation on “The Right to Anonymity” and requested the Texas legislators to amend Texas Penal Code 38.02 making it constitutional, which occurred.

I served as the lead attorney stakeholder in passed legislation to preserve American Laws in American Courts (ALAC) in Texas (HB45) and preventing foreign laws from being honored in Texas courts if such violates fundamental constitutional rights. This was chiefly made necessary by Sharia being honored in Texas courts.

I have also served as counsel for Truth In Texas Textbooks Coalition and co-founded an ongoing program known as EarlyAct FirstKnight (EAFK), a multi-state program providing school curriculums for students to learn why and how to serve, partnering with local Rotary Clubs. While my children were in grade school, I co-founded, a classical/principle approach K-12 school which ran successfully for 20 years in Oklahoma. After moving to Spring Branch with my two children, I homeschooled my daughter through graduation.

In addition to being a citizen activist on legislation initiatives, I assisted in the passage of the Pastor Protection Act and have worked on bill drafting and testifying in both chambers on numerous proposed bills.

I enjoy speaking on the American Covenant, Sharpening the Sword, the Constitution, Sharia, 7 Days in Nineveh (where I traveled to 3 years ago to meet the Christian remnant) and have been honored to do so across Texas in over 75 speaking engagements.”