Republican Club of Comal Throws Senator Campbell a Party for their September Meeting

The RCCC showed a lot of yellow spirit for Senator Campbell’s birthday month of September. She had lots to tell us on September 28th about since the last time she’d been here, such as all the legislation from three special sessions and one regular legislative session. As always at these meetings, the food was delicious and there were patriotic door prizes awarded. To hear Senator Campbell’s speech, you can watch the livestream posted on the TXSD25 facebook page.

Senator Campbell is busy as ever now, as she sits on the Senate Special Committee on Redistricting. Redistricting is the #1 purpose of the third special session called by Governor Abbott which is currently under way. The new proposed district maps can be viewed at

To learn more about the complicated Redistricting process, which was delayed because the results of the Census were delayed by COVID, see the Texas Redistricting Website.


Bulverde/Spring Branch Conservative Republicans’ Inaugural Meeting

Kaci Sisk has every reason to be very proud of the blockbuster success of this club’s kickoff event on Thursday, January 21, 2021 in Spring Branch at the River Crossing Club.

Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas, Col. Allen West (Ret.), gave an inspiring speech, as always, to a totally packed room. He earned a standing ovation, and then Diane Zornow and Kaci Sisk concluded the evening with announcements of great plans for this organization.


Comal Precinct Chair Training & Legislative Session Update

This event is now scheduled for

Saturday, February 27th

at 10:00 AM

at the Comal Republican Party Headquarters

265 Landa St, New Braunfels

Learn how to recruit Republican neighbors and increase Republican involvement in your community – taught by the most effective Precinct Chair Recruiter San Antonio ever had, former RPT Vice-Chair Alma Jackson.

Find out what is happening now in the Texas Legislature, what the Republican Party of Texas is doing about it, and how you can help get priority bills on serious issues passed – update by your SREC Committeeman, Mark Dorazio.

Hear a firsthand account from someone who escaped the Communist Bloc about eerily familiar methods of controlling and repressing free speech.


Comal County Elects a new Republican Party Chairman

Congratulations to Sue Piner for being elected by the Comal Executive Committee on November 21, 2019 to serve as the Party Chair to lead them into 2020! Many thanks to the retiring County Chair, the honorable and long-serving Ruth Pharis! Sue was sworn in by Judge Bruce Boyer. One of the first duties of newly sworn-in Chairman was to swear in two new Precinct Chairs. At this meeting, adding more security to the headquarters building was also discussed, and Don Johnson presented the options for a new alarm system and other security measures.


Comal County Executive Committee Meeting

The Republican Party of Comal County Chairman, Ruth Pharis, has called a meeting of the County Executive Committee, which is composed of the county’s precinct chairmen, to conduct party business. All Republicans are welcome to attend and observe, but only elected county precinct chairs may vote or participate in an executive session, if called.

Thursday, February 21, 2019
6:15 PM

Comal Republican Party Headquarters

265 Landa St

New Braunfels, TX   or   830-837-5748



Bar-W Meeting and 16th Anniversary

The Bulverde Area Republican Women’s club celebrated it’s 16th year at the January 14, 2019 meeting with a giant red velvet cake. SREC Committeeman Mark Dorazio swore in the new club officers: Kaci Sisk, president, Diane Zornow, 1st Vice President of Programs, Judy Wilken, 2nd Vice President of Membership, Diane Moore, 3rd Vice President of Campaign Activities, Liz Jeffrey, Recording/Corresponding Secretary, Gloria Hawkins, PAC Treasurer. Then Mark gave a Legislative Priorities Committee update to the club. The club’s legislative committee chair wore a bright yellow safety vest. This was in solidarity with the people protesting in France against elitist politicians out of touch with the hardships endured by average citizens due to expensive policies. “El Conservador,” George Rodriguez, gave the keynote, speaking on immigration and border security, making points such as “History is very politically incorrect.” and “Immigration and racism aren’t related to border security.” After he spoke, Diane Zornow presented him with a book to sign, Marlon Bundo’s A Day in the Life of the Vice President, to be donated to a local school library.