Hays County Republican Party January 2021 CEC Meeting

Monday, January 25, 2021 at the Hays County Republican Party Welcome Center

On this evening, a certain “intrepid photographer” managed to alarm the good people of the Hays Republican Party upon arrival, until she “checked out” as being a fellow Republican of good intent.

Chairman Bob Parks and the County Vice Chairman had a lot of election information and important upcoming efforts they conveyed to the conscientiously spaced attendees of this meeting. SREC Committeeman Terry Harper presented RPT Legislative Priority information. SREC Committeeman Mark Dorazio and SREC Committeewoman Naomi Narvaiz also attended the meeting to gather and exchange information with the Hays County Republicans.

Hays volunteers have furnished their welcome center delightfully patriotically, with a marvelous curated collection of American, Texan, and Republican pictures and authentic memorabilia.


Hays County Republican Women’s Valentines for Veterans Event

The ladies who organized this project did a superb job from start to finish, rallying volunteers and providing all the supplies for making the hundreds of heartfelt Valentines created which will be delivered to troops in Kuwait by Valentine’s Day. They thought of everything! The event included delicious homemade baked treats, wine, and many generously donated door prizes.

Hays County Republican Welcome Center, January 27, 2021


Bulverde/Spring Branch Conservative Republicans’ Inaugural Meeting

Kaci Sisk has every reason to be very proud of the blockbuster success of this club’s kickoff event on Thursday, January 21, 2021 in Spring Branch at the River Crossing Club.

Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas, Col. Allen West (Ret.), gave an inspiring speech, as always, to a totally packed room. He earned a standing ovation, and then Diane Zornow and Kaci Sisk concluded the evening with announcements of great plans for this organization.


Guadalupe County’s SD 25 Convention 2020

Guadalupe County put on a very good convention on Saturday, June 13, 2020 at the Guadalupe County Justice Center. The very effective and friendly team running the convention were Chair Karen Hale, Secretary Kara Latimer, Parliamentarian (and city councilwoman) Allison Hayward, Nominations Chairman Fernando Hayward, and Schertz Mayor Ralph Gutierrez.

Glenn Meeker brought up some very well-considered criminal justice resolutions to the convention, and SREC Committeeman Mark Dorazio, and SREC Committeewoman candidates Kris Coons and Sharon Hall made remarks to the assembly.


Bexar County Republican Women’s Meeting, with RPT Chairman James Dickey

On March 13, 2020 Bexar County Republican Women, the oldest Republican Women’s Club in Texas, held a huge meeting featuring Republican Party of Texas Chairman, James Dickey, as the speaker. Chairman Dickey told the club’s members and guests about the state party’s successful efforts at candidate recruitment and training, and recent special elections wins. Many Primary Runoff candidates were among the audience.


Bar-W Meeting March 9, 2020

Bulverde Area Republican Women leaders Kaci Sisk and Diane Zornow ran a fabulous meeting as usual on March 9 at the Hampton in Bulverde.

The speakers, the Greater Bulverde Area Chamber of Commerce President, Rhonda Zunker, Bulverde Mayor Bill Krawietz, and Bulverde City Manager Danny Batts, gave a super “state of the city” presentation which detailed the development of the city up to now and the anticipated growth and development in the future.


Comal County Elects a new Republican Party Chairman

Congratulations to Sue Piner for being elected by the Comal Executive Committee on November 21, 2019 to serve as the Party Chair to lead them into 2020! Many thanks to the retiring County Chair, the honorable and long-serving Ruth Pharis! Sue was sworn in by Judge Bruce Boyer. One of the first duties of newly sworn-in Chairman was to swear in two new Precinct Chairs. At this meeting, adding more security to the headquarters building was also discussed, and Don Johnson presented the options for a new alarm system and other security measures.


Comal Republican Club August Meeting

August 27, 2019 meeting photos by Diane Worley


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Sanctuary of Hope

My wife and I had the great privilege to tour the Sanctuary of Hope on Monday, August 12th along with several of our LIFE-loving colleagues and friends. Along with us were RPT Vice-Chairman Alma Perez Jackson, her husband Chris, SREC Marian Knowlton, Martha Doss, Phil Sevilla, Judge Susan Skinner, Karen Marshall, Pastor Carlos Garzon and his wife, Miguel Perez of A Women’s Haven, and M.J. and A.J. Smoot.

Diana Hagee graciously gave us the tour of the extensive facilities she and her husband, Pastor John Hagee, have founded, and they really seem to have thought of everything. The director of the facility, Dr. Caroline Powell, accompanied us on our tour and answered questions. They treated us all to a sumptuous lunch in the mother house dining room. Afterwards we saw a wing for pregnant mothers 18 and under, a wing for pregnant mothers over 18, a classroom full of computers to take classes, with live instructors online, a children’s library, an exercise class room, a check-up room, a dining room, laundry rooms, group homes for after babies are born, areas for staff awake on the premises at all times, and comfortable, spacious recreation areas. The mother house/main building for this enclave is completed and furnished, and now group homes where mothers will live with their babies after they are born are under construction nearby. The beautiful property is vast and room to expand as needed is ample. Every part of the Sanctuary has security built in, indoors and outdoors, as is necessary for the safety of mothers and children who will live there.

Sanctuary of Hope is a place of refuge for those in need of hope. The Sanctuary of Hope is being established on a Judeo-Christian foundation, and seeks to provide residents an opportunity to develop basic living skills necessary to obtain independence as a healthy and productive adult. Parenting skills and development classes, pre and post adoption support services, counseling, Christian counseling, on-site medical care, online education, career opportunities and educational advancement are provided. Expectant mothers entering the Sanctuary of Hope may be between the ages of 12 and 22.


Kendall County Republican Women’s May Meeting

The Kendall County Republican Women had a lovely luncheon meeting on May 14th. Excellent information was provided to the group by First Assistant at the Kendall County Criminal District Attorney’s Office, Katherine McDaniel, and she was followed by Sheriff Al Auxier, who gave an excellent firsthand account of what is happening at the border, law enforcement efforts there, and the effects of illegal immigration on this county.