Comal County Republican Club Meeting November 27, 2018

The Comal County Republican Club always impresses visitors with the scope of involvement of the club members as volunteers in conservative causes and campaigns, on top of what nice people they all are.  Sue Piner was sworn in as the club president again, and no one doubts what an incredible asset she is. Treasurer Carolyn Herbert, Vice President of Programs John… Continue reading Comal County Republican Club Meeting November 27, 2018

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Chairman Dickey’s Responses Regarding Pay

Chairman James Dickey was given these responses to the survey from SD 25 constituents and asked to answer their concerns. His answers are provided under each numbered question/comment: ARGUMENTS AGAINST  “I favor a salary for the RPT chairman but I believe that it should be set and accepted at the state convention by the delegates… Continue reading Chairman Dickey’s Responses Regarding Pay