The 88th legislative session continues, as bill filing ended last Friday, March 10 with 9,114 bills filed in the House and Senate. We are thrilled that the Senate has moved our first Legislative Priority bill to its intent calendar, which means that it will come to the Senate floor for a vote in the next few days.

SB 2, filed by Senators Hughes, Bettencourt, and Springer is a Protect Our Elections priority bill and restores the penalty for voter fraud from a misdemeanor to a felony. We appreciate these senators filing this bill. Representative Toth has filed a companion bill in the House, HB 4198, and many other similar bills have been filed as well.

The Senate has also scheduled SB 14, one of our approved bills for Ban Gender Modification of Children, for a committee hearing in State Affairs this Thursday, March 16 at 9:30 am. Senator Campbell is bill author, and it has a companion bill in the House by Representative Oliverson.

On March 3, the Legislative Priorities Committee met and approved more bills, bringing our current total to 128. We are continuing to discuss bills filed and will have more approved soon. This is stunning number as it is more than double the number of approved priority bills last session. We are very encouraged that more of our legislators are listening to the voters that sent them to Austin and filing bills on the priorities we requested.

In the last few days of bill filing, we have seen some very good bills addressing not only Protect Our Elections, but also Securing the Border, Banning Gender Modification of Children, and Parental Rights and Education. We anticipate many more approved bills.

Governor Abbott named two of our priorities, Educational Freedom and Securing the Border, among his priorities for this session. Lt. Gov. Patrick included many of our priorities on his list, including items under Protect Our Elections, Ban Gender Modification of Children, Stop Sexualizing of Texas Kids, and Parental Rights and Educational Freedom. We appreciate the support of these priorities.

We are also pleased that Speaker Phelan named Rep. Jared Patterson’s bill, HB 1655/HB 900 as a priority bill. This bill is known as the READER act, and restricts sexually explicit books in school libraries. Speaker Phelan has also designated Rep. Schaefer’s bill, HB 20, on Securing the Border, as priority legislation. We look forward to working with these representatives to getting these important bills passed.


1. Contact your representative and senator and ask that they sign on as co-authors to our Legislative Priority bills. You can find that bill list here. Send them a copy of the list.

2. Please contact these members of Senate State Affairs committee and urge them to pass SB 14 out of committee:

Morgan LaMantia D 512-463-0127

Jose Menendez D 512-463-0126

Judith Zaffirini D 512-463-0121

3. Please also thank Sens. Hughes, Paxton, Bettencourt, Birdwell, Parker, Perry and Schwertner for their support of the bill.

4. Come to Austin on Monday, March 20 as several of our grassroots groups are holding a rally at 12:45 at the Capitol to support Ban Gender Modification of Children. They will meet in the rotunda at 9 AM for office visits to legislators.

This is a great opportunity for you, the concerned constituent, to get involved in the legislative process.


Republican Club of Comal Throws Senator Campbell a Party for their September Meeting

The RCCC showed a lot of yellow spirit for Senator Campbell’s birthday month of September. She had lots to tell us on September 28th about since the last time she’d been here, such as all the legislation from three special sessions and one regular legislative session. As always at these meetings, the food was delicious and there were patriotic door prizes awarded. To hear Senator Campbell’s speech, you can watch the livestream posted on the TXSD25 facebook page.

Senator Campbell is busy as ever now, as she sits on the Senate Special Committee on Redistricting. Redistricting is the #1 purpose of the third special session called by Governor Abbott which is currently under way. The new proposed district maps can be viewed at dvr.capitol.texas.gov

To learn more about the complicated Redistricting process, which was delayed because the results of the Census were delayed by COVID, see the Texas Redistricting Website.


Kendall County Republican Club Fall Meeting

There was a full room at the Tusculum Brewing Company in Boerne on September 23rd, 2021 to hear Lt. Col. William E. Brown (Ret.). We also enjoyed the presentation of the colors by the Boerne High School ROTC, heard from candidates such as Shane Stolarcyk, and got an update from Senator Campbell’s district director, Joyce Yanuzzi. The next meeting will feature “El Conservador,” radio commentator and border expert George Rodriguez.