Latino Candidates and Campaigns

Are You Ready To Run: Latino Candidates and Campaigns

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What you will learn

“I’m a small-town kid who grew up with a cornfield in the back yard and dreaming of serving my country in public office.” Vice President Mike Pence

“We all have our roles… We are all who we are. It takes all of us to make a country,” – Rush Limbaugh, text conversation between Mark Levin and Rush as featured in Rescuing Sprite.

Everyone has a role. Is yours serving in public office? Is it recruiting others to run for public service?

The Leadership Institute and The LIBRE Institute are collaborating to present, “Are You Ready to Run: Latino Candidates and Campaigns.”

Are You Ready to Run is a webinar series of discussions with former officeholders, candidates, consultants, campaign managers, and political leaders to help you decide if you should run or if you would be better at identifying and recruiting candidates to run.

This particular installment is a discussion for the Latino communities across America about the importance of local offices and how to prepare for your run. Speakers will include Latinos with political expertise and who have been elected to office.

Ideal attendees for this installment of Are You Ready to Run? are individuals looking to become more politically active or who are recruiting others to run.

Over the course of the series, attendees will learn how to:
• Decide if they are ready to run
• Organize a campaign staff and structure
• Raise funds
• Communicate with voters

Tuesday July 13th
8:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Cost: Free

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