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Bexar CEC Meeting June 28, 2021 Video

The County Executive Committee meeting chaired by John Austin was held at the Firefighters Hall in San Antonio, and was livestreamed by Karen Marshall on her personal facebook page. The video is split into three parts, in order to leave out most of the party’s financial and budget information, as naturally that does not need to be posted on the world wide web. Commentary provided in the video is her own and not approved by SREC Committeeman Mark Dorazio.

Highlights of the meeting included a visit from Texas Court of Criminal Appeals Judges Mary Lou Keel, Scott Walker and Jesse F. McClure III, and Judge Lori Valenzuela swearing in the crop of new precinct chairs. The meeting got heated at times when new business was brought up. Here are the livestreams:

CEC Meeting Part 1

CEC Meeting Part 2

CEC Meeting Part 3