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Houston Convention Update

July 10, 2020

Dear SD 25 Delegates and Alternates,

Four years ago, it was decided and voted on that we would hold the 2020 State Convention in Houston. My attention was focused on an in-person convention ever since. I had no reason to suspect any changes otherwise. COVID struck and we had to use some creative ways to hold our SD conventions across the state and we were successful. Now we are being faced with rapidly changing threats to our Republican State Convention.  Three weeks ago, the mayor of Houston stated he was going to allow the convention to proceed.  He then changed his tune and requested us to withdraw our convention.  The SREC, through a zoom meeting, decided to proceed with the convention as planned. If the RPT would have canceled, it would have cost our party $500,000+. Yesterday, July 8th, as you have probably already heard, the Mayor of Houston after several threats, has decided to cancel the 2020 RPT convention.   A lawsuit was filed today in return by the Republican Party of Texas in the District Court in Houston for breach of contract. Here is the link to the current press release.
A Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) has been filed, and a hearing is taking place right now at 4:30 pm. in an attempt to restrain the mayor from canceling the event. If we do not prevail, we expect an appeal to be filed to the next higher court. We are intending to continue to hold this convention as planned as we feel it is in the best interest of our party, and the process that we go through at our convention.  A few different options are being considered, and a virtual convention could be a possibility.  If you could be patient for a while longer, we will soon learn how we will need to proceed and notify you once those decisions are made.

[Update: The Supreme Court of Texas will hold a hearing on the RPT’s suit against Houston on Saturday, July 11th at 5:00 PM. The SREC will hold an Emergency Meeting after the hearing has concluded. You may watch the SREC Zoom meeting on the livestream on the RPT facebook page or via the RPT’s Youtube channel.]

I appreciate your prayers for all these things.

Most Sincerely,
Mark Dorazio