PROPOSED 2020 Temporary Platform Committee Rules

Subject to changes, edits, amendments, and approval by the committee members at the State Convention:
  1. Proposals for platform language or resolutions may only be submitted by delegates and alternates to the convention, and shall be submitted to the committee
  2. on 8 ½ x 11-inch paper, typed or clearly legible, with at least three (3) copies OR
  3. by email to TXGOPPlatform2020@gmail.com cc: committee secretaries KLNuttall2@sbcglobal.net and PhilSevilla@att.net
  4. with the name of the resolution’s author/sponsor, author’s senate district number and contact information included


  1. No commentary, explanation of rationale, “whereas,” “in that” or “because” clauses, etc. shall be contained in any proposal or resolution when it goes into the platform. Such explanatory or supporting statements may be submitted to the committee in a separate testimony document.


  1. The delegate or alternate offering the proposed language or resolution shall be given first opportunity to address the committee on his or her proposal.


  1. Motions longer than two sentences must be submitted to the committee secretary in writing using the motion forms available on the committee chairman’s table.


  1. Testimony on a platform proposal or resolution shall be limited to two (2) minutes.


  1. Debate shall alternate between proponents and opponents, with debate ceasing when there is no opposing viewpoint or when three (3) speakers have spoken on each side.


  1. Amendments and secondary motions to a main motion will be limited to 2 minutes per speaker, and there may only be 2 amendments per main motion. Amendments of a third degree are not permitted.


  1. Friendly amendments are permitted.


  1. Editors may assist with non-substantive improvements in syntax, grammar, and clarifications of language—subject to approval of the committee.


  1. After final adoption of the Platform Report by the committee, editors may only make non-substantive changes to correct obvious errors.


  1. Delegates and guests will follow the commonly accepted rules of courtesy, decorum, dignity, respect and good taste. Anyone who uses abusive, inflammatory language and is intemperate may be asked by the chairman to leave.


  1. Any platform language or resolution presented to the committee which is not adopted as a part of the platform or as a resolution by the committee prior to the adjournment shall be deemed as not proposed by the committee.


  1. The committee must finish all work Thursday, July 16th, Sine Die 9:00 PM CST.