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Bexar County’s SD 25 Convention

Welcome, Delegates, Alternates and Volunteers, to the Bexar County
Senate District 25 2020 Convention!

We are pleased to announce this convention will still take place in the auditorium at

Alamo Heights High School
6900 Broadway St, San Antonio, TX 78209

We ask that you arrive by 8:30 AM on the new date of

Saturday, May 23rd

to be through the registration line and in your seat in time for the gavel to come down with a quorum in the house at 9:00 AM.

Aerial View of the parking areas at Alamo Heights High School

Diagram of the convention area of Alamo Heights High School campus

Overview of the Alamo Heights High School Campus

The County Executive Committee members of SD 25 elected Mark Dorazio as our Temporary Convention Chairman.

The convention committees have been meeting since March 6th and will do so through the convention to complete the business of the convention, which includes electing delegates from our district to the State Convention and passing Resolutions to send on to the State Convention for consideration to be added to our State Party Platform.

Per Republican Party of Texas Rule 14, 
these meetings are "open to any delegate or alternate to that convention, 
any State or County Republican Party Officer, any elected Republican Public 
Officeholder, or any Republican Candidate" and "These same  people shall have 
the right to appear before any convention committee or subcommittee and make 
recommendations for the committee’s consideration or testify concerning any 
item under purview of the committee. The committee may adopt reasonable rules 
including time limits for such presentations and may establish a reasonable 
limit of time for these presentations".

Upcoming Committee Meetings:

Monday, March 23, 2020, 5:30 PM – Arrangements/packet assembly — RPBC Headquarters, 12000 Starcrest, San Antonio

Convention Committee Chairmen:

Arrangements – Krissy Coons

Credentials – Judge O. Rene Diaz

Permanent Organization – Lani Popp

Nominations – Laura Koerner

Rules – Curt Nelson

Resolutions – Grant Moody

List of all Committees’ Members

To volunteer to to serve as much-needed help with registration, as a non-delegate volunteer during the day of convention, please contact Arrangements Chair Krissy Coons.

Here is the TEXAS STATE REPUBLICAN PARTY CONVENTION DELEGATE APPLICATION to apply to Bexar County’s SD 25 Nominations Committee to be an at-large delegate to the state convention. If you did not attend your Precinct Convention or get nominated there to the SD Convention, you may apply to be nominated to attend the State Convention as an At-Large Delegate by submitting This Form to the Bexar SD 25 Nominations Committee. To save time, you may fill it out and scan and send it in before the day of the Senate District Convention, and/or print and fill it out in advance to bring with you.

If you intend to submit a Resolution from the floor of the SD Convention, because you did not submit it at your Precinct Convention, know that you must have three separate copies of it in writing to turn in. It is highly advisable to have copies of such Resolutions ready before arriving at convention, typed and printed, rather than hand writing them at the convention.