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Sanctuary of Hope

My wife and I had the great privilege to tour the Sanctuary of Hope on Monday, August 12th along with several of our LIFE-loving colleagues and friends. Along with us were RPT Vice-Chairman Alma Perez Jackson, her husband Chris, SREC Marian Knowlton, Martha Doss, Phil Sevilla, Judge Susan Skinner, Karen Marshall, Pastor Carlos Garzon and his wife, Miguel Perez of A Women’s Haven, and M.J. and A.J. Smoot.

Diana Hagee graciously gave us the tour of the extensive facilities she and her husband, Pastor John Hagee, have founded, and they really seem to have thought of everything. The director of the facility, Dr. Caroline Powell, accompanied us on our tour and answered questions. They treated us all to a sumptuous lunch in the mother house dining room. Afterwards we saw a wing for pregnant mothers 18 and under, a wing for pregnant mothers over 18, a classroom full of computers to take classes, with live instructors online, a children’s library, an exercise class room, a check-up room, a dining room, laundry rooms, group homes for after babies are born, areas for staff awake on the premises at all times, and comfortable, spacious recreation areas. The mother house/main building for this enclave is completed and furnished, and now group homes where mothers will live with their babies after they are born are under construction nearby. The beautiful property is vast and room to expand as needed is ample. Every part of the Sanctuary has security built in, indoors and outdoors, as is necessary for the safety of mothers and children who will live there.

Sanctuary of Hope is a place of refuge for those in need of hope. The Sanctuary of Hope is being established on a Judeo-Christian foundation, and seeks to provide residents an opportunity to develop basic living skills necessary to obtain independence as a healthy and productive adult. Parenting skills and development classes, pre and post adoption support services, counseling, Christian counseling, on-site medical care, online education, career opportunities and educational advancement are provided. Expectant mothers entering the Sanctuary of Hope may be between the ages of 12 and 22.