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TX House Ways & Means Committee Members

Please call these committee members’ offices and let them know you want them to support HB2, Property Tax Reform!

Capitol Office numbers:

Chair:  Rep. Dustin Burrows     (512) 463-0542

Vice Chair: Rep. Ryan Guillen  (512)463-0416

Rep. Dwayne Bohac  (512)463-0727

Rep. Sheryl Cole  (512)463-0506

Rep. Trey Martinez Fischer (512)463-0616

Rep. Jim Murphy  (512)463-0514

Rep. Candy Noble (512)463-0186

Rep. Eddie Rodriguez  (512)463-0674

Rep. Scott Sanford  (512)463-0356

Rep. Matt Shaheen  (512)463-0594

Rep. John Wray  (512)463-0516