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Quarterly SREC Meeting Report

SREC Quarterly Meeting Friday, November 30-Saturday, December 1, 2018
Pledge to the Texas Flag at the opening of the SREC General Assembly

The fourth quarterly meeting of the State Republican Executive Committee took place in Austin beginning Friday, November 30 and concluding of Sat. December 1st. The first meeting held was of the Officials Committee, where the chairman compensation and a 5.1 million dollar budget were debated.  Kathaleen Wall (SREC SD 17) and her husband came forward offering to pay the chairman’s full compensation up through the 2020 State RPT Convention.  It will be at that time the convention delegates will be able to vote on the possibility of permanent chair compensation. The Officials Committee is now consulting with legal counsel and deciding on the administration of the compensation package.  An Oversight Committee was approved to evaluate the Chairman’s job on a quarterly basis. The budget was passed out of committee for a vote by the whole SREC body, and was approved Friday night. It is aggressive. It includes hiring 14 additional full-time staff members for the RPT, increasing engagement and efforts in the field, and 2.5 million dollars for media to get our message out via television, social media and radio. We need to get properly ready for the 2020 elections and do a better job of getting our Republican message out.

In this last election cycle a total of ½ billion dollars was spent on Texas races, with a lot of that money coming from California and New York.  We expect the number of voters to increase to 10 million by the 2020 election. There is a lot at stake. The 2020 election will determine how the district lines are redrawn for the next ten years. It will also determine the electoral votes for Texas. Texas, with 38, is now second only to California’s 55 electoral votes. This is crucial in determining who the next president of the United States will be. The 2020 election will also determine if Texas will remain a Red State or go blue. We have to get ready now with our strategy and boots on the ground.

Viewing the results of a vote taken using the new remotes.
  • Marian Knowlton was appointed by the State Chairman as the Chairman of Party Organization Committee. One of her major undertakings is reviving and compiling training resources to assist County Chairmen. She presented an outline of the proposed training manual and recruited volunteers to chair working groups. She hopes to have a completed manual by June of 2019. Our County Chairmen do the heavy lifting of the Party and are responsible for conducting the primary elections in their counties. To read the rest of the recommendations made by the Party Organization Committee in their report, see the second to last item at the bottom of this page.
  • Be on the lookout for Voter Registration initiatives and more poll watcher recruitment and training as Kathleen Wall and her Election Integrity working group move forward on these very important issues.
  • During the Legislative Priorities Committee meeting, committee chairman Mark Ramsey allowed me to demonstrate the storyboard method of planning, to apply it to planning our legislative advocacy efforts, and Rachel Malone did training on “How to Advocate Effectively at the Legislature.”
  • Just before the general session closed on Friday night, Vice Chairman Alma Perez Jackson had everyone open up papers they had drawn. Any SREC members who drew the names of Republican office holders were winners, and unwrapped an array of hilarious to patriotic to delicious gifts she provided.
SREC member Britton Brooks and others admire his new “Redneck Plunger” he won in the raffle.
  • On Saturday morning, when the general session resumed, a moving resolution of tribute to President George H. W. Bush, who passed away during this quarterly meeting, was read by Resolutions Committee Chairman Vergel Cruz and passed unanimously. Another resolution brought to the floor by Chairman Cruz was the “Resolution in Support of Non-Discrimination.” It passed with no “nays” and one abstention. To read the text of this resolution, go to the bottom of this page.
  • The Auxiliaries and Coalitions Committee, led by JT Edwards, recommended approving the following organizations as RPT auxiliaries with ex-officio standing: High School Republicans of Texas, Texas Asian Republican Assembly, National Federation of Pachyderms – Texas, Texas Federation of College Republicans, Texas Liberty Caucus, Gun Owners of America, and the Texas Young Republican Federation, and the SREC body voted to do so.
  • Representatives from Ft. Worth, Dallas, and Houston each made a presentation to the SREC body in hopes of being selected as the site for our 2022 convention.  In the meantime, our 2020 RPT convention will be held in Houston.
Vice Chair Alma Perez Jackson gives her Engagement Committee report.
  • Alma Jackson, our RPT Vice Chairman and Chairman of the Engagement Committee, gave a report regarding the importance of engagement efforts during the next two years. As part of her report, she invited the Young Republicans’ SREC Liaison, Jon Williams, to speak. He emphasized that to recruit young people we need to be catching up on new social media, rebranding the party, and “Making Republicans Cool Again.”

To view more photos from the SREC meeting, follow this link:

Party Organization Committee Report


We believe that the RPT handbook, as written, covers the employee/employer relationship except for the matter of clarifying participation as a delegate at a political convention, be it Precinct, County, Senatorial, or State level. We therefore recommend that the RPT handbook be amended to include a clause, prepared by legal counsel, that RPT employees may choose to participate in Republican political conventions as delegates or advocates provided they utilize personal vacation time to do so. Vacation time will be allowed following availability outlined on pages 17 and 18 of the RPT Employee Handbook. Working the convention as an RPT employee, they are subject to the RPT employment agreement and are not allowed to participate as a delegate.


The Committee also recommends the Chairman establish an Election Code Review working group, the purpose of which is to review the election code and make recommendations for eliminating state laws that interfere with the party organization. Bill Fairbrother, County Chairman for Williamson County and former Legislative Liaison for the TRCCA, will chair the working group. Others who have agreed to serve are JT Edwards, Brandon Moore and Trey Trainor.

Resolution in Support of Non-Discrimination

WHEREAS, The Republican Party of Texas affirms its commitment to Republican Party of Texas Rule Number 3, which states,

Discrimination Prohibited

Participation in any Republican convention or meeting including, but not limited to, any primary caucus, any meeting or convention held for the purposes of selecting delegates to a County, District, State, or National Convention shall in no way be abridged for reason of sex, age, race, religion, color, or national origin; and

WHEREAS, the Republican Party of Texas affirms and supports all Americans’ right to practice their religion (RPT Legislative Priority “Religious Freedom and Privacy”, RPT Platform Planks 84, 305, 306) and recognizes the contributions of Republicans of every faith who advance conservative policies and ideals; now

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the State Republican Executive Committee encourages all Republican county executive committees to follow the Rules of the Republican Party of Texas related to participation in meetings and conventions; and reaffirm our core values of religious liberty and the freedom to practice all faiths.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a copy of this resolution be forwarded to all Republican county chairs in Texas.