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Salary for the RPT Chairman

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At the SREC meeting this coming weekend, the Officials Committee and then the entire SREC body will vote on the matter of whether to provide the Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas with a salary.

To provide you with more information, here is some of the feedback we have received For and Against a salary:


  • The job of state chairman requires overseeing the operations as a whole and simultaneously requires that they raise the funds to facilitate those operations. We currently ask the chairman to dedicate a fulltime job’s worth of attention and more for free.


  • Our current system leads our chairman to financial and familial stress and hardships, as past chairmen have cited upon resignation. Pay will give them the opportunity to more fully dedicate themselves to the job and opens the job to more grassroots candidates. I find it appalling that the chairman position has gone this long unpaid.


  • In the interest of fairness and equity, it is not right to expect one individual to underwrite 100% of the cost of being a state chairman. In the interest of fairness and equity, compensation needs to be given.


  • As with all budget items, a salary for the chairman will be managed by the SREC.  The SREC will vote on measures to provide oversight, conditions and regular reviews going forward, and these will be applied regardless of whomever is elected to the position.


  • The Party should move forward to a professional structure at the chairman level or we limit the position to only the wealthy and retired.


  • We need full time attention. We cannot expect a volunteer to do that.


  • Texas has 254 counties.  That is 254 county parties, 254 primaries, 254 simultaneous elections, and multiple times more candidates, conventions, events, volunteers, and a whole a lot of fundraising to manage.


  • It currently costs any chairman a lot of money to serve our party; money that he or she would otherwise be making in the private sector.


  • There is precedence for chairman compensation– county chairmen are “paid” by the Secretary of State for their roles in running the primary. Eleven other states pay their Republican Party Chairmen, including California.


  • Some have suggested that this issue should be decided by the delegates at the next State Convention. If you attended the past convention, you probably see how that might turn out – as a business decision being politicized.


  • We need more from the chairman in order to win in 2020. Therefore we need the chairman fulltime. So we need him or her not to have another job. We need the chairman to have time to build relationships with legislators to get our legislative priorities passed.


  • $140,000 is very low-risk for the party of Texas. We can expect 4 to 5 times that in returns in regards to fundraising.


  • If the SREC votes not to pay the chairman, they are voting for us to lose elections in 2020. Because we will have more of the same.  We can’t afford to go on doing the same, because the margins we won by this election are too slim. And we lost two Texas senators. We lost 12 Congress seats. We lost the judges in urban counties.


  • If we wait to decide this at the next convention, we will lose in 2020.


  • Not one of the 45+ members at a meeting in Wimberley area is in favor. We spend our own money to support GOP candidates across the state and the country.  We expect the same from our RPT Chairman


  • Mr. Dickey’s pledge made at RPT Convention was that he had the time and ability to serve our Party as a volunteer! That was Mr. Dickey’s promise.


  • The Chairman should not begin receiving compensation until AFTER a convention where the delegates can weigh in.


  • The current chairman ran under the presumption of no compensation. It is not fair to change within a few months of being elected.


  • This proposal was once turned down and should not be reconsidered until the next state convention.


  • With a critical midterm days away, this is not the time. Greed can be his only motivation. This could be destruction of the Republican Party.


  • Chairmen have always known it is a non-paid position, and to be financially prepared. In spite of it cutting out some qualified people, I believe it should remain unpaid.


  • I do not feel it is appropriate that the chairman should receive a salary plus benefits. This is a voluntary position and always has been.  Expenses should be covered … period!


  • Alternative proposal: the Party Chair should not be a salaried position but instead should be compensated based upon a percentage of funds raised. This would allow for compensation strictly based upon how much revenue the Chair generates for the party.


  • We should do a more detailed benchmarking of other states to learn best practices in organization structure and compensation.

Committeeman Mark Dorazio would like to hear from SD 25 Republicans before he votes on this issue.  Please submit your input to him below: