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Fall Quarterly SREC Meeting Report

To my fellow SD 25 Republicans,

I want to keep you up to date regarding the recent SREC quarterly meeting held September 21-22 in Austin. There have been various rumors and allegations circulating about the condition of our party and chairman. I have included the letter from Chairman Dickey addressing them and highlighting work completed and different efforts going on in our party.

On the political front:  Congratulations to Pete Flores on his win in Senate District 19!!! He received national media attention from FOX News–WAY TO GO PETE!!!

State Party Finances:  “We have a track record of success on all fronts.”

During and prior to the convention there were allegations that cash balances, fundraising and convention accounting were being misrepresented and misreported. The external auditor confirmed that all cash, balances, fundraising and convention accounting were correct except an under-reporting of $1.20. “It is good to have this independent validation that the claims made against the RPT were completely false.” – Chairman Dickey

The following were elected on Saturday to the newly created SREC Officials Committee:  Sue Evenwel (SD 1), Jason Ross (SD 2), Mark Ramsey (SD 7), Tanya Robertson (SD 11), Mark Dorazio (SD 25).
Appointed members: Terry Holcomb (SD 3) and Jack Barcroft (SD 24).
I am excited to be on this committee and working with this group of people, to take care of the state party business.

For more detailed information and other committee reports, see Chairman Dickey’s letter, also in this blog.

Mark Dorazio